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The development of modern training center today is connected with the adoption of new informational technologies in the training process. Achieving qualitative methodological and technological support of training centers, the Center for Content Creation "e-Doctrina" attempts to ensure the best quality of electronic training materials and the optimality of the methods of their delivery to users. This increases the competitive ability of our clients on the market for educational services. We can propose the individual scheme of adoption of innovations in the process of training for every our client. It depends on:

  • the scale of the activity of training center
  • the possible degree of the participation of the personal technical services of client in the process of introduction and subsequent support of innovations
  • the preferences of client for financing of the projects, connected with the electronic instruction (one-time, step by step or constant)
  • general vision by the management of the training center of the problems of the modernization of the business processes, connected with the instruction.

Will be the development of your business connected with the discovery of new direction - by creation of virtual training center, or the matter will limit to the guarantee of support of the already existing confrontation courses with contemporary training materials - to decide and to count only to you. Company of " e-Doctrina" - the supporter of optimal technological and financial solutions it is ready to share with its experience with others. We are capable of proposing most justified strategy of the introduction of the new technologies of instruction into the daily life of your training center.

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